in my home


I am building a new studio in the back of my home. I'm thrilled to have new creative space to photograph clients in starting in December 2023. I'll also display gallery prints, albums and meet in person to order. In the meantime, I have a room in our rental home that is always set up with studio lights!

About Jen

I love photographing people, especially families and it is reflected in the energy I bring to each session. The photographs I value most tell the story of who we are and the relationships that shape us; how we are deeply connected to our homes, our families, our cities, the landscape. I continue to be influenced by fashion, painters, portrait masters, architecture, interior design, my Southern family and the time I've lived in Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, New York, Ann Arbor and for the past 15 years, Seattle.

My three daughters and husband are inspiration, favorite subjects and my greatest source of joy. They allow me to photograph them often and I have learned to make the process as enjoyable as the final product. We appreciate the photographs more when the memories are genuine.


• Do you only photograph babies, kids, teens & families?

That is the biggest part of what I do. Because I am lifestyle photographer, my style works really well for corporate headshots and fashion brands and I love taking those projects on when I can.

I also really love capturing what happens at schools; the curiosity, creativity, the interaction of students and teachers and what makes each school unique.

• What is your style?

Joyful, candid, modern classic. I prefer to capture movement, eye contact, expressions that feel playful and light hearted. I usually don’t stay still and I work to create images where you can feel the life and energy of the people in them. The backgrounds, perspectives, clothing and color palettes I choose add to the artistic look of the photographs.

• Did you study photography in school?

I did! I studied photography and graphic design throughout high school, college and study abroad programs. I also loved art history and fine art drawing and painting classes. It all has helped develop my eye. I graduated from The Lovett School in 1996 and Albion College with a BA in Communications in 2000. I continue to take photography classes and workshops to help push my abilities.

• What's in your camera bag?

I currently have a pair of Canon R5 mirrorless cameras. So sharp and fast, technology is amazing. The new camera focus system is very helpful but I love to shoot manual to keep exposure and depth within my control. My favorite Canon lenses are the RF 28-70 2.0L (it's heavy!), 85mm 1.2L and 50mm 1.2L. I also have the 16-35mm 2.8L for wide angle and RF 70-200mm 2.8L for distance but don't use them as often. I also love to use the Aquatech Elite underwater housing on my Canon 5D Mark IV to capture photos from underwater or just at the water's surface.

• What type of lighting do you use?

A lot of my work is with natural light. It allows the most freedom to capture a large variety of images in one session. For this reason, I try to schedule sessions around the light. I have been using Profoto portable strobes on location when the light is not ideal. While my studio has glass folding doors where we get some natural light, I typically use large soft boxes and strobe lighting in studio.